United Discontent

They’re Taking Our Cash


Louisiana just passed a law making it illegal to use cash for second hand transactions.  Most people are either furious, or they suspect it wont be enforced.  It doesn’t matter, this is a slow increminetal stripping away from cash, and a reliance on biometric id numbers, using one of the large 5 banks, transactions being easily kept in data mines.


the fact that the bilderbergs managed to get this legislation passed in lousiana shows their genius.  even in a state known for its flea markets and known for resold goods still is subject to sneaky laws being passed over night.


nobody is concerned with who put the law into practice, how to get it repealed, or what to do about it.  we are still concerned with the primary delusional rhetoric of american politics “vote”.  “vote for someone else”

do you see how these things dont really relate to the paradigm of voting for someone in power?  when the agenda is being forcebly pushed on us from above, the senators/governors we elect are inveitably puppets, and they are more fearful of the shit they will get coming from the top elite than they are concerned about upsetting 80 percent of the bottom poor.  It’s not like it will change their incumbency, because it was those at the top that put them into office anyway, not some grassroots “selection process” that we used to believe in.


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