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Israael’s defense industry likes michelle bachman’s mouth

Everyone has a duty.  Politicians do their job of simultaneously representing an interpertation, a particular worldview, to information on screen, but also sound like legitimate experts on an issue.  Think Tanks abound hidden, sometimes asking the questions themselves to the politicians assisting them in creating a certain culture of debate.  As they fearmonger during our GOP debates concerning Iran and its nuclear capabilities,  they slowly subtley and surely push us in the direction of war.

There must be articially created a narrative to how we got there.  Politicians must seem unsure on issues, grow to them stronger as time goes on, and the audience too like a weekly episode of LOST must constantly anticipate what might be the next gesture.  At some point the audience begins believeing that this is actually the way political decisions happen.  That mitt romney was debating with ron paul, when he announced iran would certainly be a threat and cut off the oil and paul seemed to doubt him.  This shouldn’t have anything to do with the congresses later decision to sanction Iran, but before you know it fox news, cnn, and every left/right blog has its neoconservative or neoliberal view on justifying war with iran.

meanwhile THE COMMENTARY a playful supposedly bipartisan magazine, has an article called “how israel’s defense industry can help save america”

Arthur Herman the person writing this is from a think tank called the American Enterprise Institute


Kibbutz Sasa is also the home of the main factory of Plasan, a company that started out making hard plastic containers like garbage cans in 1985. For four years now, American soldiers have driven more safely in Iraq and Afghanistan, thanks to Kibbutz Sasa and Plasan’s CEO, Dani Ziv.

It was Ziv who, in the 1980s, urged the company to take up the manufacture of protective ballistic vests for soldiers and police. In 1989, Plasan won its first contract to make body armor for the Israel Defense Forces, and then for IDF vehicles. When war came to Afghanistan and then Iraq, orders went through the roof, especially from the United States. Plasan’s profits soared some 1,500 percent, from $23 million in 2003 to $330 million in 2007. Today they stand at over $500 million, with 90 percent of the company’s orders coming from Europe and the United States.”

with Nato being 75 percent paid by american tax dollars  this is a significant relationship that has nothing to do with God.

It might, in some weird kaballah/neon evagelion council of 9 way, but for all non-interesting ideas aside, lets say it is just economic gain.  The defense companies have been convinced to go from Israel defense to private Israel defense, through a process called liberalization or making it private, so now it only benefits certain Israeli owners of these companies instead of the nation which the US citizen believes it is helping.

Raytheon which used to be the primary company by us is in partnership with Rafael defense systems.

This is the true relationship that undermines all of the bullshit on Television, the only problem is how to expose it.   THE COMMENTARY praises it, i’m astonished!   They’re already excited about the money to be made by more war.   Luckily we have ron paul for now.  Spitting the truth, I wonder if he’ll open up completely about the elite when he’s finished?  the argument that he’s old is a good one, that will take its toll.