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Emotional Manipulation by The Elite



The Elite tell us who to hate and who to love.  This is their true power.  They understand complex and subtle things that most of us take for granted.  We’ve always imagined the biggest method of maintaining hegemony was powerful ideas, well constructed and reasonable arranged, but truthfully its emotional manipulation.  Edward Bernays used his uncle Sigmund Freud’s teaching to change the official propaganda of the US into a “public relations” that garned emotional support.  Even today we feel the love of Israel and the hate of Iran, coming mainly from people that have never left the US, or know a foreign language.  So people are hating and loving somebody they dont know living somewhere they dont’ know, and they are doing it venehemently!  While dispassionate liberal intellectuals have stopped “caring” or being MOVED by the emotional memes of the Elite, they’ve stopped caring about anything at all.  They think history its running its course, which it is, but not at the hands of anyone specifically.  To them, its all this giant retelling of evolution on a human scale.

The reason emotions control us is because emotions are not simply judgement– they are forms of being.  We think of anger and hate or love, and their object, and we say that we feel something in relation to a judgdement we’ve made about it.  I’m angry, because my friends are ignoring me, I’m resentful because i’m not being validated.  We say it like “I’ve reached this conclusion, because of these facts”.  Like there is still a space between Subject and Object.  As if “anger” was something we aquired, like a noun.  “woops looks like you found anger!”  when in reality anger and resentment and love are a Mode of being.  Being Angry, means doing-the-angry-thing. youre impulses re-arrange themselves to cope with the world differently.  Its like you go from being in economy mode to sports mode, the redistribution of energy around the body is changed.  When we’re angry, we’re performing the anger thing.  When a country gets everyone to be mad at someone, then somehow in our actions of being angry, we constititute some fundamental element of our anger because we feel the very things we’re looking for.  We don’t need justification to move on to our actions that are unjustified