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One Kabbalalistic Interpretation of the Torah

There are many paths of understanding the kaballah and many teachers for understanding it. One path, in particular, derives the infinite meaning of the Torah.

“The Torah, as an expression of ‘Eiyn Sof’, encompasses an infinity of meanings. This principle is drawn from the fact that the text of the Torah is unvocalized; the Halakhah actually forbids its vocalization. In the eyes of the Kabbalists, the reason is that as long as a word remains unvocalized, it may be read in a variety of ways (for example, the root dvr may be read as davar[thing]. dibber[he spoke], dever [plague], dabar [leader], etc.), thus taking on a plurality of meanings.  The moment it becomes vocalized, though, this multiplicity ends; the word has but a single referent.”

In this sense we may understand how the Torah, though using a fixed set of hebrew letters considered to be divine , lay within them an infinitude of meaning.  We should also dwell upon the idea that “The moment it becomes vocalized, though, this multiplicity ends; the word has but a single referent.”  The notion that things in the numinous, unphenomenological world, “the thing in itself” remain permanently true and universally true and always true, yet at the same time phenomena, material, instantiated instances of a thing, or a ‘noun’ into an object it becomes a SEMBLANCE of truth in reference to its essence.

Within Kabbalist history, there is usually considered 3 or 4 layers of interpretation and concealed within that is an infinite amount of meaning.  The 4 general layers are called many names, Ma’aseh, midrash haggadah, and sod.  The ones I find easiest to understand is Peshat (plain way meaning), Derash (homiletical meaning), sekhel (rational way) and Kabbalah “the path of truth”.  (its also called peshat, remez, derash and Sod).  The 3 layers are refered to as R. Moses de Leon as Garment, Body, and Soul, or stories, commandments and esoteric mysteries.

That means that when you read a story from the Bible/Torah, there is within it contained 3 or 4 layers.  A literal story, a commandment, a intellectually gathered rational understanding and upon dwellin upon the very hebrew letters themselves which are regarded by kabbalists to contain endless mounds of meaning, another true path.   (the distinction between intellectual apprehension and spiritual apprehension was more undefined pre-13th century)

The kabbalists shun those who take a purely literal approach to the Torah.  That the world was literally created in 6 days, there were 5 groups of father/barren wife/slave girl + child forming the nations, and God loves Israel, Abraham, and wants to spread its seed around, is taken as amateur.  Not totally wrong, just only the “shell of meaning”.


Conspiracy Theories

My beliefs are a product of my own daily phenemological world, the music i’ve listened to, and other finite experiences–what can be known about the universe is endless.  

I do not take a lot of conspiracies seriously and I am a genuine skeptic to group thinking and blaming daily and world problems on a small number of people.  But I do like people talking about it, because I’ve noticest even though there are different strings tying together a myriad of symbols and events in different ways, I still feel a strange power to these symbols, groups, and truths regardless.

 “Conspiracy theories exist on a spectrum from mild suspicion to full-onparanoia, and brain chemistry may play a role. Dopamine rewards us for noting patterns and finding meaning in sometimes-insignificant events. It’s long been known that schizophrenics overproduce dopamine. “The earliest stages of delusion are characterized by an overabundance of meaningful coincidences,” explain Paul D. Morrison and R.M. Murray of the Institute of Psychiatry at Kings College London. “Jumping to conclusions” is a common reasoning style among the paranoid, find Daniel Freeman and his colleagues, also at the Institute of Psychiatry.” – psychology today 

I do jump to conclusions a lot and suffer from what is called bipolar, and sometimes schizofrenic episodes and tendencies.  According to the DSM IV, another trait of paranoid thinking, of people diagnosed borderline personality disorder is impressionability.

the effect of Acid, also, ties together a large string of random stimuli.  it literally unlocks some of the normal pathways in your brain and lets associations float free form like when you REM sleep, or dream of cabbage in milk soup and random things like that.  it could be questionable if all the acid i did when i was 23 had an effect on my cognitive ability, plus the fact that the car wreck i was in gave me head trauma, and according to the brain scan i had a brain lesion on my left semiovum.  I also have had a history with self-abuse, a need for a therapist, and other emotional extremes.

all of these things must be looked at for myself.  You too, if you find yourself coming to grand conclusions about life, must take these facts of your own life into account.

I myself have taken the approach of a beautiful mind, i’ve embraced my angels and demons.  even if they are simply the product of my mind,  it is better for my material body that i maintain an immaterial belief.  even if materialism is true, it would be better for your health to believe in the afterlife and the soul then if you didn’t. even so,  things like reiki make belief unnecessary.  when somebody can touch you and heal you, you stop carrying about doctrine.  

I myself still believe the IMF is holding the world in debt slavery, but I do not care if its aliens in disguise of bilderbergs or islamist takeover, or khazakian jews, or the jesuits from the vatican.  they must be stopped

Evil as mans intentional dividing of male/female, holy/unholy from a part of Gods holyness


Although the Maimonides school of thought embraces a more heavily neoplatonic version of evil,  most kaballists (under the tradition of ARI, isaac the blind, and the Bahir) traditionally interpret evil as simultanesouly, a testing of mans faith, a negative conception of one of god’s holy effulgence (splendors), a seperating of male and female, and the Sitra Ahra.

“Another view, as propounded in the Bahir [the earliest kabbalistic work], depicts the sefirah of power as an attribute “whose name is evil.” On the basis of such a teaching Isaac the Blind [13th century] concluded that there must be a positive root of evil and death [i.e. evil does not arise from the inability of humans to receive the emanations of the sefirot]. Following this view, most kabbalists believed that evil is “the other side” (Sitra Ahra) which is opposed to divine abundance and grace.”

Like the gnostics, they embrace view proposed of perpetual battle between the Sitra Ahra, and Us, or the sons of light. ‘parallel structures are proposed for the Sefirot and for stra ahra, that apparently, is the way series of opposing symbolic terms should be understood as well.  One side includes, God, king, living water, pure waters, holy waters, land of the living; while the other side includes gods, an alien god, an old and foolish king, stagnant water, wurbid water, impure water, stolen water, wasteland and so forth.  the symbols themselves may be understood as recognizing inferiority”(moshe) but this inferiority is not neoplatonic/augustinian, it does not believe this inferiority is the sole cause.

“At the beginning of the night, when darkness falls, all the evil spirits and powers scatter abroad and roam about the world, and the ‘other side’ sets forth and inquires the way to the King from all the holy sides. As soon as the ‘other side’ is roused to this activity here below, all human beings experience a foretaste of death in the midst of their sleep. As soon as the impure power separates itself from the realm above and descends to begin its rule here below, three groups of angels are formed who praise the Holy One in three night watches But whilst these sing hymns of praise to the Holy One, the ‘other side,’ as we have said, roam about here below, even into the uttermost parts of the earth. Until the ‘other side’ has thus departed from the upper sphere, the angels of light cannot unite themselves with their Lord.”  – the Zohar

But the question would be: What gives the Sitra Ahra their power?   “King Solomon, when he penetrated into the depths of the nut garden took a nut shell (kelippah) and drew an analogy from its layers to these spirits which inspire sensual desires in human beings, as it is written, ‘and the delights of the sons of men (are) male and female demons’ (Ecclesiastes 2:8). This verse also indicates that the pleasures in which men indulge in the time of sleep give birth to multitudes of demons.” The zohar states that it is Gods power being sucked down through us that is feeding the demonic otherworld, thereby God’s created power used for evil by our own will, thus helping fuel the dulastic war between both sides.    By taking the splendorous energy floating down from keter, and seperating it from the unity of Tiferet (male) and Malkut (female), demons from the other side funnel our lost energy until it became its own evil-generating source.  That evil, which was initially a test for mankind overstepped its bounds and tried to become an independent agent.  “Evil sucks greedily, demanding an increasingly larger share of divine efflux (splendor).  When man trangresses a negative precept, he cuts off the sefirah of Malkhut from the influence flowing down to it, rechanneling that stream to the realm of the ‘other side’.  Sitra Ahra then receives its spiritual sustenance from mankind’s evil deeds, his meditations on sin, and his impure thoughts”  Like my book on healing people from demon possession, and the alien book on greys sucking victims of high emotional energy, and the Screwtape Letters

“In the first place I have always found that the Trough periods of the human
undulation provide excellent opportunity for all sensual temptations,
particularly those of sex. This may surprise you, because, of course, there is
more physical energy, and therefore more potential appetite, at the Peak
periods; but you must remember that the powers of resistance are then also at
their highest.”

.  Whats interesting though is that like that Tao

Something mysteriously formed,
Born before heaven and Earth.
In the silence and the void,
Standing alone and unchanging,
Ever present and in motion.
Perhaps it is the mother of ten
thousand things.
I do not know its name

it embraces it  the primordial unity that cannot be broken up in keter, and suggests our sin has to do with seperating the male and female.  The original man,  Adam Kadmon, the primordial human being was considered a hermaphrodite.  “When Malkhut is thus denied that effulgence originally flowing down to it, evil gains strength and malkhut weakens.  Sitra ahra thereby upseting the internal unity of that realm, harming the union of male and female, breedin disharmony, and causing a constriction of the flow of abundance to the lower worlds.  As a result, the efflux to be produced is generated by sinister powers, and war and wickedness in the world inevitably follow”   Malkhut is also reffered to as “shekinah” (which conspiracy theorists suggest is the why we named it “shock n awe”)

In an interpretation of the Garden of Eden, “Adam’s eating of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil is understood as an allegory of the first appearance of evil. Here Adam is understood as separating the Tree of Knowledge from its fruits, thereby activating the potential evil contained within the Tree by bringing about a division in the divine unity. Thus the channels between the upper and lower worlds were unsettled: the lowest sefirah Kingdom (Malkhut) was separated from the others, and the unity between Creator and creation was divided. Other sins in the history of ancient Israel were also interpreted in a similar light—in each case divine unity was disturbed, and it is only through the good deeds of biblical heroes that cosmic repair can take place.”

so the sin of adam taking the fruit, and seperating it, bore the birth of sin, but it was gods test to have it there, but that birth of sin bore many angels and demons, by embalancing many things at once, both the relation of the Keter, Tiferet, and Malkhut, but of tiferet between hesed and geruvah (the strong male and female war going on there) being weakened.

This isn’t metaphor, it is symbol.  A metaphor has no history, only meaning.  A symbol is both in reality, in history, and has meaning, think of the great pyramids.  they are a symbol of wealth, power, and perfect equality, yet they are also real, real tombs, somewhere in gaza, with deterioration in our immediate world because of TIME.  In history, likewise the malkhut has been removed of its autonomous power, this may be responsible for much of the patriarchy we’ve seen and mans history of building large buildings thinking he’s great.  “As sitra ahra gains strength, malkhut–a female image with no autonomous power– necessarily deteriorates, she becomes a victim of sitra ahra’s desire to enslave her to his own ends  To assault the queen (malkhah) in the kings own presence’ in Esther 7:8.  This danger continually menaces that hypo-stasis of the feminine which is threatening to diminish her sanctity and defile her; it is man’s holy responsbiility to prevent such a disaster”  It is mans responsibility to protect the Malkhut from being used this way, in his own body by letting his base malkhut by expressed, by letting the feminine voice be heard in politics, in society, in the world, in the cosmos, to embrace it in the very center of our milky way galaxy.

It could also be understood as a refusal to allow God’s kingdom (malkhut) reign.  The tree of life can be explored fractcally, as a view within views.   “The Holy One, blessed be He, found it necessary to create all these things in the world to ensure its permanence, so that there should be, as it were, a brain with many membranes encircling it. “The whole world is constructed on this principle upper and lower, from the first mystic point up to the furthest removed of all the stages. They are all coverings one to another, brain within brain, and spirit within spirit, so that one is a shell to another.” – the zohar

In terms of reiki, kundalini, tao, and chakra energy, this can be understood as both evil being the blockage of flow between our chakras, which imply themselves a septerarian human build up which is a fractcal microcosmic representation of God’s male/femaleness within us, and the misuse of unconditional “higher vibrational energy” (think of neoplatonic flowing down of light) for lower vibrational abuses.


PS about the ECCLESIASTES 2:8 verse

He translates: palanquin and palinquins equals one consignment to the harem after another. Gesen., according to Rdiger, Thes. 1365b, thinks that women are to be understood; for he compares the Arab. z’ynat, which signifies a women’s carriage, and then the woman herself (cf. our Frauenzimmer, women’s apartment, women, like Odaliske, from the Turk. oda, apartment). But this all stands or falls with that gloss of Rashi’s: ‘agalah lemerkavoth nashim usarim. Meanwhile, of all the explanations as yet advanced, this last of splendid coaches, palanquins is the best; for it may certainly be supposed that the words shiddah veshiddoth are meant of women. Aben Ezra explains on this supposition, shiddoth equals shevuyoth, females captured in war; but unwarrantably, because as yet Solomon had not been engaged in war; others (vid., Pinsker’s Zur Gesch. des Karaismus, p. 296), recently Bullock, connect it with shadim, in the sense of (Arab.) nahidah (a maiden with swelling breast); Knobel explains after shadad, to barricade, to shut up, occlusa, the female held in custody (cf. bethulah, the separated one, virgin, from bathal, cogn. badal); Hitzig, “cushions,” “bolsters,” from shanad, which, like (Arab.) firash, λέχος, is then transferred to the juncta toro. Nothing of all that is satisfactory. The Babyl. Gemara, Gittin 68a, glosses ותען וגו by “reservoirs and baths,” and then further says that in the west (Palestine) they say שׁדּתא, chests (according to Rashi: chariots); but that here in this country (i.e., in Babylon) they translate shiddah veshiddoth by shēdah veshēdathin, which is then explained, “demons and demonesses,” which Solomon had made subservient to him.

(Note: A demon, and generally a superhuman being, is called, as in Heb. שׁד, so in the Babyl.-Assyr. sîdu, vid., Norris’ Assyrian Dictionary, II p. cf. Schrader, in the Jena. Lit. Zeit. 1874, p. 218f., according to which sîdu, with alap, is the usual name of Adar formed like an ox.)”

3 Views of Evil with 2 starting points

Informed by Moshe Hallamish


There are two starting points, one with man (how does mankind deal with evil) and God (what is the relationship between the divine realm and intrinsic goodness).  Let’s start off with the three views that will be continually referred to throughout the continuation of 2012, Mere Christianity has a great introduction to views as well


“In the bible, God is portrayed as ‘former of light and creator of darkness, maker of peace and creator of evil’ (isa 45:7).  the world is thus seen as the handiwork of a benevolent God, and he, in his thought and plan, assigned a role and a place for evil.  Evil is nothing but a medium through which God attains his benevolent ends.  In that way, the problem of evil becomes a moot point, although the questionf of divine recompense does remain– why dothe wicked flourish and the righteous suffer?”



“The neoplatonic worldview, which exerted a tremendous influence on Christian mysticism, held that the world originated in supreme goodness.  The light descends from the source and through emanation forms the lower worlds, but in the process it gradually darkens and becomes more dense. In its final nullification, it becomes matter, which is evil in its essence;in other words, what was formerly light is no longer an entity, for it has no existence–rather, it is the absenece of light and goodness.  Our world is the world of matter, and a place devoid of light is naturally filled with darkness.  This, therefore, does not contradict the perception of the divine as a sublime and complete entity.  The neoplatonic view is fundamentally monistic, brimming with the optimism that in truth, our world is good and its source is Goodness”


“Gnosticism , in contract, infleunced by persian religious views (zarathrusta/zoaraster, manichieasm) is dualistic.  It contends the existence of two autonomous realms.  Evil is a real and destructive force; our world is the kingdom of the lord of evil, the Demiurge.  In opposition is the lord of good, represented by the human soul.  Man’s role is to free the sol, a spark of goodness, from its enslavement to the lord of evil.  Gnosticism did offer a solution to the philosophical and theological problem, but it placed man in the throse of a continual and terrible struggle”


Keter from Moshe Hallamish’s book plus my notes

Not sure where else to put this information.  I must keep track of it for my own personal development but it does not specifically to rebelling or being a rebel so please skip this if youre here for that.

this is about KETER which is the first sefirot, or ring, or level of manifestation in the kaballist tree of life, or modes of god manifesting, or the primordial ten numbers of pythagorus

Keter can also mean or be interpreted to mean Eliyon, which is supernal crown  Aparently chosen both because its the highest chakra level, but also because it is the highest image associated with royalty.  It’s interested that Keter means crown, because my name Steven also means crown, for I was stoned for being a martyr for jesus first in Acts.  I was “crowned” with christ.

Rason (Will).  the numerical equivalence or gematria, between the words “his name” or shmo and rason are both three hundred and forty six (346).  its kind of this neoplatonic, or freudian, or nietzschean “willing”

Mahashavah tehorah, or pure thought, it is a potential spiritual element, a primordial self-inclusive idea

Afisat ha-mahashavah (the nought).  — kind of like the void of the tibetan book of the dead, a nothing with a PRESENCE.  The point at which human thought ceases because it can no longer grasp anything.  Is this because it is too full the mind can longer chase it?  like a mind that has ate too much, now sees nothing but black.

Ayin, also known as nothingness.  it is also vocalized as an eye shape

At this level of manifestation, or energy (think dark energy) 

Hoshekh (darkness)

Opposites can exist harmonious, because at this level of truth truth is a complexio oppositorum it can encompass two opposites at once into a compound truth.

I wonder how this applies to adam kadmon