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Muckraker Journalist Sean Hoare Assassinated: A Practice Of Disinformation

Sean Hoare, the reporter who was the main beacon of light against the rupert murdoch case was “found dead” in his apartment monday morning.   The neighbors were shocked because of how well he seemed to be doing lately.  At about 9.15pm, three hours after the Guardian revealed Hoare had been found dead a police van marked “Scientific Services Unit” pulled up at the address, where a police car was already parked. Two officers emerged carrying evidence bags, clipboards, torches and laptop-style bags and entered the building. Three officers carrying cameras and wearing white forensic suits went into the flat at around 9.30pm taking away the body.   Obviously my suspicion is that he knew too much.  You notice the article for the guardian says how unspicious his death was, with random inserts of his drug and alcohol abuse.  If you read this without the blue insert you’ll notice you can see past the original edit, this insert blocks the flow of thought.  These kinds of subtle inserts are a process of subtle disinformation

This will of course, be the cause of death.  Why even mention things randomly like “i went to rehab, no coming back!” Why name the article “found dead?”

how was his body found dead?  Most reporters/famous people should be “missing” for a period then the smell of their corpses should rot, a neighbor should report it, somebody should go in and look.  You don’t just barge into someone elses house, and you don’t do it to somebody who was being as well protected as julia assange was during his wikileaks indictment and even now.

Why won’t the guardian feature this article on their home page for the website?  If you try to look for the death of sean hoare, its unpublicized on guardian!  while there are 7 mentions of murdoch only one of sean howre, and none about his death all of the attention is being drawn towards the trial

it’s not even on its mainpage, but looking  at reddit  it is the most popular search,

Why would murdoch overpublicize his own trial?  Who would make himself look bad?  This is his genius.  On the day of Sean Hoare’s death, murdoch is the process of trying to buy SKY TV.  Sky Tv is this interesting little device that will rule the british airways in a few years, the dawn was apt at mentioning this buy out.

“Even more importantly, perhaps the scandal will torpedo a controversial proposal for News International to buy up the outstanding shares in BSkyB, the holding company that owns Sky TV. This operation has become hugely profitable, sending its TV packages — as well as phone and broadband services — into millions of British homes. Although Murdoch owned some 39 per cent of the company, he wants total control, and his application has been pending with the government for months.

Many have opposed the proposal on the grounds that it would give one individual far too much clout. However, it was widely feared that the Conservative culture minister tasked with reviewing the application would not wish to antagonise Murdoch by turning him down. But with the ongoing scandal, one MP said News International would not be granted a licence to run a minicab service, leave alone buy up BSkyB. “

The guardian hasn’t mentioned the buy out, but this could be because the guardian is also part of murdoch’s own scheme,  by fighting himself versus an enemy he’s now made “the guardian” his alter.   when people want to get “the scoop” on murdoch they go to the guardian, we say, who hates him more?  where else is the latest footage on the trial?  you know the funny video where murdoch gets bopped in the face  with a pie.  the guradian publicizes that  “Tuesday 19 July 2011 was the most humble day of his life.”

Citizen canes xmen ability is not in preventing things from being said about you, its learning how to get the wrong shit said about you at the right time.  Even something that seems to be an attack on someones character might actually be a way to show someones humanity, quaintness.  In a year time from today do you think it’ll be easier to oppose murdoch or more difficult?   somehow more difficult, yet this “appears” to be a geniune attack against murdoch its actually going to benefit him.  now i’m not going to be that batshit crazy and say i know the reasons why, but its easy to see the effects of these actions!