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Positive Spin on The Voluntary Panopticon

“Although not directly named, the telescreens which are omnipresent in Orwell’s 1984 of which “there was of course no way of knowing whether you were being watched at any given moment… you had to live… in the assumption that every sound you made was overheard, and, except in darkness, every movement scrutinised[20] are based on the founding principle of the Panopticon.


decided I want to take a positive outlook. A steady growing moss or a drill slowly turning can break any layer of concrete.  I knew when I was rebelling in tower of rebel… that even my own options of rebellion were handed to me by the power of elite, but i didnt know how.  At every layer of plato’s cave its like you think the next level ahead are the “real” bad guys and they were actually the reasons for the mistreatment or misunderstanding at the previous level.  Not that I dont believe in a multidimensional reality with multidimensional people run by a ruling class hypothetically alien in nature and fraternity by operation and distilation.  However; overcoming the metaphysical plato’s cave by losing your worldly authority by rebelling as a one man army leads to chaotic suicide like in I stand alone

So… in light of this i’m not sure what to change my new twitter and blog to.

Clearly fracking will remain a central threat in my life no matter what I chose, as will mental health and pharma drugs.  So clean water, clean minds, and clean food.  I really don’t care about the innovation technology issue on a personal level, I just want people to know that in our current economy it will take jobs (unless we can figure out a method around it) and the technology will put us in a state of voluntary pantopticon

This Voluntary Panopticon is the state where all of our propositional information is written down, constantly being observed, where we are only able to observe a fraction of it.  We will want to track our health at some point to get rewards through our insurance by avoiding cancer and diabetes, therefor smartphone/smartLED-screens will be able to monitor our caloric intake.  This will be far easier than paperwork and will work within our wifi network and Gmail account.  It makes sense, right?  But what is the ultimate consequence?  It might not even be horrible in nature.  Lets say the outcome is merely material:  we will know what we are eating and so will the people selling us food.  Instead of getting Spotify playlist recommendations we will have Whole Foods Brand recommendations.

This is a good and bad thing in a lot of ways, as I said i’m not hard against technology but I hope we are ready to deal with the consequences like adults.

Anyway,  hopefully I can figure out a new blog and twitter and facebook identity, but no rush though.  Things grow.

One Comment on “Positive Spin on The Voluntary Panopticon”

  1. g combo says:

    Insightful counter narrative.

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