United Discontent

John Searle and the the modern scientific view of knowledge

I’m reading phenemonological illusion by john searle 

 “The single most important intellectual fact about the present era is that knowledge grows. 

We now have a huge body of knowledge that is certain, objective and universal.”

this seems to be bias in many western progressive secular atheist free thinkers who love science, they believe since the dark ages the sciences have grown expotentially like moores law only adding more and more knowledge.  But rather, we see a dialectical process upon where previous ideas are overturned.

in psychology we went from behaviorism (were stuck), to cognitive (were not stuck), to evolutionary psychology (were stuck) to neuroplasticity (were not stuck).  neuroplasticity is no more than nichomachean ethics 2000 years later.  the sciences work in this process, not in a process of continual stacking of propositional facts.

this is for my personal use so i dont mind if it sounds like rambling and unprofessional:

searle wants to think scientific facts are like a slowly coming into focus object, the closer you get to the object the more it comes into focus.  really though, facts are often the closer you get to something there is a new level of added confusion.  like once you are really close to somebody you think one thing about them, then when you get closer another thing, then you think you’ve hit it.

for instance searle is convinced that “natural reality” is de facto particles, and refuses to talk about energy or flow.  he would say “we’ve already determined particles to be true, why go back and revise them?”  because looking inside quarks and neutrinos really opens up your mind

if we could have believed scientists 5 years ago about the impossibility of life on another planet we would of never of discovered kepler B 


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