United Discontent

Part of an email concerning ballistic missle defense and a war with russia from the ambassador of Czech Republic

From private emails sent on september 2011 concerning installing a basic missle defense system it is semi long but check it out

CE= Central Europeans
CZR= Czech Republic
Bmd= Ballistic missle defense
here is what i found interesting though: It encouraged a future war against russia with the united Central Europeans and the Czechs on their side

“This was simply
unacceptable. This was not good enough for us. CzR needs US military
on its soil, not a “research” center with no military and would have
to be paid for by the Czechs anyway. Completely ridiculous. So we
pulled out of any agreement to the current system.”

the check republic wants direct invovlement with US military instead of simply a basic missle defense center

“As far as the current talks between the US and Russia on bmd, most of
the CEs want to sabotage them. No one wants Russia in on bmd.
Moreover, no one wants the US and Russia to be friendly. The US needs
to quit with this reset-nonsense and move forward with a firm military
strategy in CE. The CEs want to move against Russia, but can’t do it

They want to encourage the US to work against russia, similarly to vietnam.

They want F-16’s not tanks from us

“CzR wants a batch of F-16s like Poland. It needs supersonic. It
doesn’t really want the new Grippen. CzR is begging the US right now
for F-16s. The US said it would sell them, but at an exorbitant price.
They are far too expensive for CzR who has had to slash some of their
defense budget because of the financial crisis.”

of course they are going to slash prices to do it!

“It would be Romania, Slovakia,
Hungary, Bulgaria and maybe more for Poland – for 85 or so F-16s. It
would be interesting because then all of them could train together in
one country and then set up a repair factory in another country. The
countries would be tied together – and tied to the US. The US would
need to have military on the ground to train the CEs. This is the best
sort of security alliance between US and CEs.”

“If CzR can’t get bmd or the F16 deal, then it is done with any
non-Eurasian commitments to NATO. Period. If CzR can get bmd or the
F16s, then it will pretty much agree to any sort of military
commitment the US wants anywhere in the world. That is the ultimatum.”

the ultimatum given at the end is creepy


On McFaul: everyone in CE hates dealing with him. He is deluded. He
believes that Russia can actually be pulled into being an ally with
the US. McFaul wants to use Regan’s gameplan. He constantly quotes
Regan. On a sidenote, in McFaul’s office there is a large (really
large, like4x3) photo blown up above his desk of McFaul, Obama,
Medvedev and Putin all sitting around the lunchtable smiling. However,
the way I heard it was that McFaul was scared to death of Putin and
stuttered the entire time.

Lauren Goodrich
Senior Eurasia Analyst
T: 512.744.4311
F: 512.744.4334

Lauren Goodrich
Senior Eurasia Analyst
T: 512.744.4311
F: 512.744.4334

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