United Discontent

Cui Bono

Cui Bono is an ancient phrase meaning “for whom” or who for what benefit? but now it is used to mean look deeper into what something benefits.

We often interpret events immediately in the phenemonological package it comes to us, other people spend more time dwelling on other esoteric or deeper motives behind an action occuring.  This kind of relates to examining the Body of a person his Clothes or his Soul, in the same way there are many elements to examine about something.  Recently there was a man from Friends  of Natural Gas arguing that fracking was a good thing.  He has a ton of corporate money flowing his way, so if his argument is correct it would really help a lot of international corporate people who want to frack here.  Does this automatically make his argument incorrect?  Not at all,  it should be based on axiomatic principles of argument.  I havent read his website yet so I cannot say how I feel about his propositions!  My point is, we must examine who it benefits.

Who benefits if i’m right and fracking is dangerous and permanently toxic for towns?  the towns, if  This would be better for m



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