United Discontent

Conspiracy Theories

My beliefs are a product of my own daily phenemological world, the music i’ve listened to, and other finite experiences–what can be known about the universe is endless.  

I do not take a lot of conspiracies seriously and I am a genuine skeptic to group thinking and blaming daily and world problems on a small number of people.  But I do like people talking about it, because I’ve noticest even though there are different strings tying together a myriad of symbols and events in different ways, I still feel a strange power to these symbols, groups, and truths regardless.

 “Conspiracy theories exist on a spectrum from mild suspicion to full-onparanoia, and brain chemistry may play a role. Dopamine rewards us for noting patterns and finding meaning in sometimes-insignificant events. It’s long been known that schizophrenics overproduce dopamine. “The earliest stages of delusion are characterized by an overabundance of meaningful coincidences,” explain Paul D. Morrison and R.M. Murray of the Institute of Psychiatry at Kings College London. “Jumping to conclusions” is a common reasoning style among the paranoid, find Daniel Freeman and his colleagues, also at the Institute of Psychiatry.” – psychology today 

I do jump to conclusions a lot and suffer from what is called bipolar, and sometimes schizofrenic episodes and tendencies.  According to the DSM IV, another trait of paranoid thinking, of people diagnosed borderline personality disorder is impressionability.

the effect of Acid, also, ties together a large string of random stimuli.  it literally unlocks some of the normal pathways in your brain and lets associations float free form like when you REM sleep, or dream of cabbage in milk soup and random things like that.  it could be questionable if all the acid i did when i was 23 had an effect on my cognitive ability, plus the fact that the car wreck i was in gave me head trauma, and according to the brain scan i had a brain lesion on my left semiovum.  I also have had a history with self-abuse, a need for a therapist, and other emotional extremes.

all of these things must be looked at for myself.  You too, if you find yourself coming to grand conclusions about life, must take these facts of your own life into account.

I myself have taken the approach of a beautiful mind, i’ve embraced my angels and demons.  even if they are simply the product of my mind,  it is better for my material body that i maintain an immaterial belief.  even if materialism is true, it would be better for your health to believe in the afterlife and the soul then if you didn’t. even so,  things like reiki make belief unnecessary.  when somebody can touch you and heal you, you stop carrying about doctrine.  

I myself still believe the IMF is holding the world in debt slavery, but I do not care if its aliens in disguise of bilderbergs or islamist takeover, or khazakian jews, or the jesuits from the vatican.  they must be stopped

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