United Discontent

I don’t dream of dispelling of civil liberties or repealing the 1960’s civil rights movement. we want to keep the rights, give it to regional economies/states to reside over (texas can be racist if it wants to be aslong as oakland california is alot to be as nigga’d out as it wants to be) atleast thats a true national equality rather than a fake liberal one.

what i dream of dispelling is NAFTA, of the internet monopoly money that we started using since the 70’s that made us unaware of the fact that for the last 20 years we havent really been making any money. wouldn’t of you preffere da money system that would of let you know when you’ve overdrawn rather than have one that “deals with it later” (And can pass new 1.2 trillion dollar ‘extensions’ on a multi trillion dollar debt)


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