United Discontent

Keter from Moshe Hallamish’s book plus my notes

Not sure where else to put this information.  I must keep track of it for my own personal development but it does not specifically to rebelling or being a rebel so please skip this if youre here for that.

this is about KETER which is the first sefirot, or ring, or level of manifestation in the kaballist tree of life, or modes of god manifesting, or the primordial ten numbers of pythagorus

Keter can also mean or be interpreted to mean Eliyon, which is supernal crown  Aparently chosen both because its the highest chakra level, but also because it is the highest image associated with royalty.  It’s interested that Keter means crown, because my name Steven also means crown, for I was stoned for being a martyr for jesus first in Acts.  I was “crowned” with christ.

Rason (Will).  the numerical equivalence or gematria, between the words “his name” or shmo and rason are both three hundred and forty six (346).  its kind of this neoplatonic, or freudian, or nietzschean “willing”

Mahashavah tehorah, or pure thought, it is a potential spiritual element, a primordial self-inclusive idea

Afisat ha-mahashavah (the nought).  — kind of like the void of the tibetan book of the dead, a nothing with a PRESENCE.  The point at which human thought ceases because it can no longer grasp anything.  Is this because it is too full the mind can longer chase it?  like a mind that has ate too much, now sees nothing but black.

Ayin, also known as nothingness.  it is also vocalized as an eye shape

At this level of manifestation, or energy (think dark energy) 

Hoshekh (darkness)

Opposites can exist harmonious, because at this level of truth truth is a complexio oppositorum it can encompass two opposites at once into a compound truth.

I wonder how this applies to adam kadmon 


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