United Discontent

Things are getting worse

As we approach 2012 the harsh winter is approaching.  When unemployment is cut, or power grid failures begin, the safety net that has blinded a lot of american people will fall.  Some still buffered by an excess amount of money will still be insulated but a lot of people coming up very shortly will begin to feel the wind of brutal winter.  Since i’ve started this blog in july there has already been several movements rebelling against the power elite, there have been various manifestational interpretations of the events, and I’ve been wrong about a few things–that being, rick perry.  There have been massive fires, but those will only be a small blot on the radar compared to this summer, combined with social unrest, 22% stagnant unemployment, ill children, crime increase, lack of volunteers and destruction of farmers land, voting priveleges and power. This year will start off like a skipped morning breakfast, without the boost of holiday sales to buffer consumer confidence. a lot of companies hinging on good christmas turn outs will faulter mostly those based in the face to face retail market.  Amazon and other companies like that will take predominance as they already have.  Austin, locally, will continue to boom as the innovation tech industry blossoms.  There is currently not enough room for everyone who blogs, google +’s, and facebooks to be the guru pf social media.  It will be like the rush of people learning to be pro photographers when the 12 megapixel prosumer model came within the range of the middle class–only to be flooded with an excess of photographers, slashing the prices downward (who can compete with a cousin with a really nice camera?) and destroying the bubble.  Social media will have the same initial effect as people struggle for dominance.

The liberal progressive attitude will continue to prevail in austin, calls to direct action and more aggressive tactics will be quenched because of this.  The slow transition will happen in steps, when the basic social service programs are cut,  the army stops getting paid,  the federal government hinges on collapse, when commodity prices skyrocket, when cash is taken away in place of credits, when municipal fines are privitaized, when private debt is criminalized, when being homeless is illegal and feeding them is illegal too.  People will blame conservativism, republicans, democrats, something.  Nobody will look at corporate globalization combined with the power elite.

it’s Christmas and the occupy movement is almost dead, it doesn’t stand a chance.  the american global revolution against its ruling class owners has faultered even with chris hedgdes and noam chomsky. the world is rebelling against US PUPPETS.  if the people of the US could cut the hand that rules the us puppets around the world, the world may calm down.  i’m sure the egyptian ladies in egypt are upset at the us controlled egyptian military, and if we could meet them we’d both probably say “arent those greedy international global nato banksters so horrible! screw them! i hope god curses them!”  maybe some of them would say “filthy american” but i don’t know


3 Comments on “Things are getting worse”

  1. you know.. many people who have successfully strategized on citizen dissent might differ with your assessment. Sometimes movements get hot and then chill then re-emerge stronger . You can see this with the civil rights movement, with the anti war protests of vietnam… with the Arab people’s revolution… I suspect… it is going to be a very interesting spring… and OWS will be smack in the middle of the action…

    • switch607 says:

      i hope youre right! if the arab spring cant replace its us puppets with non-us puppets then they’ll be pissed off and might actually form an anti-world trade organization/opec union against the world war II european establishments that have carved up the world. i would hope that OWS will not be another J16/battle of seattle thing that dies off in the wake of IRAN

    • what do you say now? may day was a failure, occupy is dead

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