United Discontent

Scientific Collusion

I hate to sound like an ignorant fuck, I’m not.

But… sometimes science works in collusion for its own interest and many people who say they fight for things that rationality, reason, a clear objective opinion, are only doing the dirty work for the power elite.  It’s hard to argue against it.   Chris Hedges documents it well in his book “The Death of the Liberal Class” .  A modern example of this was the Dr. Amri post about steve jobs “dying of a mild form of cancer”, ignoring the typical effects of conventional treatment on pancreatic cancer and instead blaming altnerative medicine.  Similarly the Network of Corporate Control attempts to dissuade users out of a conspiracy theory to sociopolitical control,  by showing the number of corporations.

The argument follows as this, “how could more than 147 corporations work together to collude with anything?”  Suggesting that if there are 1400 corporations running the world, how could they work together?  First, they overcomplicate the issue by thinking of infleucne in terms o literal TNC names, rather than focusing on the power players involved with multiple TNC’s.  We might of actually found out, rather, that out of the 47,000 corporations being studies, only about 300-500 people have major control on most of these, and out of those 300-500 people 70 percent are involved in politics, etc. etc. Secondly, it also neglects the operational hierarchical structure.  We all know there might be many corporations working for News corp and Viacom, but nothing new york times or la times or austin chronicles says will ever contradict what the domimating corporation thinks.  Just like even though banna republic, the gap, and old navy are “seperate corporations” (by social class) we all know its the same person underneath never contradicting the essential view, even though on this chart they would be mapped out as seperate intenties.

The flow of corporate control should be studied along other paths, such as a social media mindmap with last names of key players, linked to bank accounts.

What we need is a multdimensional analysis of corporate control, neither a cold liberal intellectual we’re all herbert spencer apes working and doing our best or the world is run by a satanically controlled group of 13 new world order secret societies and socio-economic factors are useless to consider.

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