United Discontent

United Discontent

watch your back, sucka

Lacking A Comprehensive Philosophical Doctrine of

The World After Globalization Is Defeated

I’m not sure how to proceed even as things begin to collect themselves.  It seems that the problems facing the anti-globalization are both true and not true. For starters, being unable to form somethings thats not anti- that isn’t then co-opted or taken as another universal ideology to be imposed.  The problems are not lack of an overall comprehensive critique, examing all the particulars; the problems and who the enemies are actually transparent.  The problem with an anti-power, anti-tyranny movement, is it doesn’t want to impose itself.  It must always remains sincerely in groups of 15, and on the cusp of spontaneity.

“You must have seen that I am uncompromising, that many times I argue details; that I appear obstinate and meticulous, and that  I am not in conformity with the disciplined organization of the rebelious groups.  I believe that a popular revolution should be spontaneous, without leaders.” – Prax Guerrero

Even gathering to protest globalization isnt what we want to be doing with our time, must of us have our own agenda’s in mind.  Some of us want to be farming, some of us want to be in a large clean city.  We know, quite clearly however; that we don’t want world tyranny with monopoly money.  We’re all sick of owing money and losing our priveleges.  We genuinely thought we had rules, laws, constitutions and other things to protect us.  We’re disillusioned and disenchanted, and most of us cant bear it anymore so we’ve chosen to ignore it in a facebook/google cyberworld.  Most of the world, like india argentina, bolivarian nations and those effected by the war on drugs, those effected by NAFTA, the southeast asian countries like thailiand completely screwed by globalization, the amazons who had their rubber trees stripped and robbed bear, africa which was suspect to countless exploits and tyranny, and every other part of the world do not wish for a ruling class, We wish for a spontaneous burst of individual self-determination.  We’re not against ROLES

We demand and wish to persuade people to figure things out for themselves.  to look at the problems in their life  and examine them in light of what they know.  What else can they do?  But if this anti-globalization bit of information is simply another democratic assertion, another random voice in the crowd of other people blaming other things for the world’s problems, then so be it!  May we all delight in this freedom and fact.  What do we do with a movement if it does not wish to create an overiding ideology to be passed down, the only thing that members of United Discontent agree upon  is what the problem is.   We are like a bunch of burmese monks marching in the streets in groups of 400,00 unable to do anything.   The problem of the ruling class, bilderberg, and globalization.  As far as how we’d all like to govern things once the leviathan/elephant is out of the room is a whole nother story.  But really, why should the anti-globalist movement have an agenda its pushing for?


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    Inability to come up with a philosophcail comprehensive anti-globalization movement in october of 2011 (in the wake of occupy and ron paul and alex jones)


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