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Indian Restaurant Doesn’t Pay Hourly Wage

As the crackdown on local Austin Indian places, New India came under scrutiny.   as the top ones were compared in the Austin Chronicle new and old TWC (Texas Workforce Commision) labor codes were being revisisted one of them featuring Chapter 61.  Chapter 61 Texas Labor Code is called the Payday Law, it is meant to protect both the interests of the employer and the employee of proper pay by allowing a wage dispute.  I worked at New India interviewing several employees on the subject.  One of the girls said she’d be managing the business off the clock without being paid, the Busser Mike was getting less per shift than he used to and has had to start borrowing money from the owners while doing favors for them on the weekends, the cook Edwardo complained as well but once he learned about Texas Labor Code 61 he quit the very moment (in the parking lot), and others have already left New India because of similar circumstances, some working the entire summer with the Anu and Mahesh of New India without any compensation whatsover.

“Except for public employers, all Texas business entities, regardless of size, are covered by the Texas Payday Law.  Other than close relatives and independent contractors, all persons who perform a service for compensation are considered employees.” 

An Ideal worth celebrating

It has been reported and confirmed that New India, a South Congress Marathi Style Indian Cuisine has not been paying some of their staff hourly, and one was recently discovered to working without a  W2 for quite some time.  We do not need in this fair city of Austin more business regulation, nor should we even be a fan of silly tricks like the T.A.B.C or food handlers certification, false predatory threats, what we should discourage is people working for us without properly knowing who they are.

When cooks can quit because of lack of payment the owner can simply call a mexican hot line and find another illegal to work, this revolving door of easy help might seem like it helps the competitive nature of the business world grow but these are actually secret tactics built to hurt all forms of industry.


2 Comments on “Indian Restaurant Doesn’t Pay Hourly Wage”

  1. Mahesh Shinde says:

    Edwardo has been fired for reporting late on job.
    Mike works on salary & not on hourly wages.
    Megan Hill is the manager on floor & been paid up to date.
    Steven wright is racial to Indian community, who wrote the above he is a server and get paid every day. He scared some Indian customers at New India and customers complaint about him . Also I am not sure about his mental situation, he needs to come out of it. He is trying to ruin this Indian restaurant which has been loved by all austinites.

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