United Discontent

Ideology of Tower of Rebel (So far)

anti-sec — increased attacks of the cyber war within the intention of liberating our data mined information will be used as an excuse increase global monitoring of identities and global security as the internet expands into a real world

anti-federalist  the united states would be best be operated as a set of sovereign states,  collapsing our liberty into a consolidated government has only gotten us in trouble– texans for accountable government, ron paul support

anti-global — globalization does not exist as a fact of the market, as an effect of the market, it exists a phenomena induced by its conditional belief by numerous players within a socially integrated structure

anti-pharma — like most police penalizing for small crimes like domestic violence and weed, most doctors under big pharma only subscribe to symptomatic injuries that could be taken care of through a form of drugless renegade therapy, reiki, acupressure, yoga, etc.

anti-empire — a nation should be a description of its people and features and places and its social structure, not an additionally existant formal structure with its own goals and hopes and dreams like a leviathan, or a city (like austin) with additional taxes and expenses and missions

anti-ideological — our goal is not prostetlyzing a particular philosophically comprehensive doctrine in order to capture the world in a truth, we exist within our contradicting worldviews but not under a neutral liberal transparent discussion framework

anti-ironic — we must live in houses we’ve built, not as a reference to a historical collage of our past

anti-corporate  – – third party collectives yielding human political authority are tyrannous

rebellion – – versus revolution, it hopes to offer critiques of social integration

revolt – – on a subjective level, willing to disregard any basic premise in order to overturn oneself to the truth


One Comment on “Ideology of Tower of Rebel (So far)”

  1. totally pretentious.

    see i knew whatever i thought about my own revolution i would later find trite, but was the rebellion worth it? yes, now i know the limits of my own

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