United Discontent

Texas Wildfire Destroys 32,000 + Acres 600 homes, Devastating Drought Ridden Central Regions

My wife and I traveled north up 71 and Pace end, the spicewood area of krause springs and hamilton pools was covered in a cloud of black smoke.

LBA, colavista, tahitian village, down 21,

wildfire on labor day in central texas


This was predictable, somebody is going to blame global warming and vigilantism depending on the angle.  It’s hard to know what to do,  we don’t have any water because of the worst drought we’ve had in a long history.  It’s encroaching as I’m writing this and a lot of people I know are focusing mostly on evacuees, donations, gathering water and other basic necessities for those that are already evacuated.  I think being this implanted in Austin most of us feel safe.  According to the Texas Forest Service the fire is still uncontained and has covered a total of 32,936 acres, including 22 new large fires.

If you live in the austin area or bastrop area please consider calling those you love and figuring out a secure method out of there.  As for the rest of us, I’m sure we will be hard lined texans and navigate our ways through it.

God only knows what NWO government restrictions will be placed through these fires, and God knows how much political power the middle / yeoman class will lose through this atrocity!

Join Central Texas Wildfires 2011 On facebook for more info up to date info.  I’ll be updating on @towerofrebel as well from my home off 35 and woodland *austin tx




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