United Discontent

The Hopeful Future

I have a lot more to figure out, most of my headaches are with figuring out graphic designs and basic “thematic” elements, not so much the content I want to produce.  But I am hopeful towerofrebel.com could be a place for people to go when they think to themselves “got this sucks, i’m pissed off.  the system really screwed me”  not just ron paul supporters



right now every blog approaches the problems with a solution, but the solution to the problem isnt everyones solution its just a solution pyramid scheme.  “god obama really lied to me, but silver lung treatments won’t”  don’t know what silver lung treatments are?  good,  but its something a lot of conspiracy theory people advertise for.  this is a prevailing feature of conspiracy theorists, its always a highly complex world with hidden behind them a very simply group of smart men instilling massive havoc, and all of this can be explained, and the answer to these solutions is DESTROYING these guys and then immediately replacing it with some other hopeful ideology, and oh you know, TRY THIS!  and it’s that little bit at the end that really rubs me the wrong way, even if its something like “ron paul” who i love,  but like everything else i love i dont enjoy cramming it down your throat.


tower of rebel has to form itself as a consolidation of information in regards to immediate locfal and also global resources as to the current “situation” in monitoring the collapse, i’d be nice if it could turn into a place to re-think the constitution in a critical light.  hypothetically if in 10 to 20 years after things get so bad they finally restart again,  we need to have an idea of what we actually want, we cant just wait for the music in the room to stop before we have the conversation but we can begin now.  the only problem is that philosophers have handed us academic/ but really aristocratic or cratocratic (powers power)  ideas.  philosophers of modern days, teachers of modern day, scientists of contemprary and even neuroscientists working alongside big pharma, bend and shape ideologies facts and ideas to match the ideas of the ruling class.


so even when we begin this conversation of, oh, lets say, what’s a better government a republic, a democracy? should we have 3 independents in the executive? or deeper questions like “how do we live in a world where people maintain philosophical doctrines that are incommunsuerable with eachother and even themselves, while holding on to the free and equal citizenry innately maintained to every member of the conversation?”   when we talk about liberalism versus conservatism, a strong this or a weak that.  we are already falling into another trap that the cratocrats rely on. impotent discussion, rivaling ideologies that do not exist or even effect our lives.

Imagine a large elephant in the room who is stealing all of the oxygen, you remember seeing him as a baby growing up but suddenly he’s grown and cannot fit!  But nobody wants to waste electricty by leaving the door open for too long, so before the door is opened it must be decided where to place the elephant!  It is in our best interest to get rid of the thing we can all agree needs getting rid of, these empire builders with centralized power devoid of its peoples concerns.  Wasn’t it Jesus who destroyed Solomon’s Temple?  It was the building that upset Jesus, not just the money changers.  Ripping the velvet curtain was breaking the need for royalty to be in God’s presence, or more importantly, should it was a sham to begin with! The collapse of the judaic empire came at the expense of building Solomon’s temple, only being asked by his father David to build a tabernacle not unlike ones before, Solomon swooned by Babylonian empire calls the Sumerian architects and artificers to build his temple and Hiram Abiff‘s infleunce could be felt.  This was such an expensive building the people had to be taxed into misery, thus dividing the nation.  Ripping the velvet curtain was breaking the need for royalty to be in God’s presence, or more importantly, should it was a sham to begin with!

Heavy taxes split israel and judah 10/2.  It was united under david and solomon but quickly fell apart after the expensive temple and “empire”.

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