United Discontent

Selling Out or Compromising?

In the midst of all this I’ve always been asking myself, if I was paid by a school to teach would it be me selling out? my answer has always been yes.  philosophers and psychologists and most lectuers in general are no different than secular priests (in my old opinion, and a part of me still feels that way).  when I walk into a bookstore harlen at brave new books the first thing said is “yeah? noam chomsky works for MIT and chris hedges works for NEW YORK TIMES!”  apparently we’re all criminals!  in frustration I emailed todd may the philosopher and writer of one of my favorite books on post-anarchism and tactical philosophy both of which I will discuss later

Even if one were to join an institute / collective / union / group with all sincerity, one cannot constantly guarantee the purity of it!  any interaction with the world must have compromise, this doesn’t mean though that we must actively take on neoliberal principles of equality or toleration.  simply, well, the obvious!


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