United Discontent

The Irony of Every Rebel staying in the system after being freed from the system

a moment in the past when my friend tried to convert me

If one wants to do the opposite of evangelism– rip out the matrix chord from the back of their spine, one has to communicate in a language people can hear.  If you want to persuade people to stop using facebook, one must have to use facebook convincingly to do so, no one believes an outsider.  A song about lame hipster songs will deter hipster songs more than a book about lame hipster songs.  One must, so to speak, enter the world of which one believes is the very māyā of ones own cave.  Most men become in the words of Sri Ramakrishna, a Siddha, a holy man who has escaped the cycle of endless desire but only remains in ego for the sake of us.  There are, however, great Avataras, when they come for us they are like a current rising in the ganges, every stream river and lake is elevated.

Plato from old greek philosophy relates going back into the cave of shadows out of pity, the cave of shadows http://webspace.ship.edu/cgboer/platoscave.html is an illusionary drive-in movie style setup of reality where lies several prisoners strapped head facing forward into a cave eyes strapped open watching the puppet show that’s being displayed behind them using shadow puppets and a fire.  The premise is these men have never left, but for some reason one of them learns how to escape, intiailly ascends to the level of the fire and mistakes the men controlling the puppets as the “real deal”, only to look even further into the end of the cave to see a bright ineffable light.  The cave dweller pursues the light, leaves the cave, for awhile he cant see anything and wonders if he’s in hades or barely alive, with time and patience his eyes adjust and soon he begins to slowly the things as they really are.  After seeing the sun he’s no longer jealous of the fire pit underneath, but because of a flickering memory drawing the hero back in, but one must also imagine how it must have been to be the like the resentful older brother from the biblical story of the prodigal son.  Imagine, a man comes back with grand stories of seeing the real version of what you’ve always known to be true.  Scoffing as you laugh and giggle at the screen of shadow puppets “why do you have to rain on my parade?!”. The natural instinct is get the fuck out of here! But what about those that return from the mountain tops, having seen the face of god, do nothing but smile and spit olive oil on your wounds as your still in prison.  Would you believe this man genuinely wanted to save you from your troubles?  What this glowing man said “follow me up hill tommorow, i’ll be at the top of the cave” then the next day was missing but your cuffs were unliked and the guards asleep?  What would you make of this opportunity?

For those of you that have had this experience, your now on the receiving end of the blows from the sheep sticking to the shackle, sometimes us lightbody workers ask ourselves “Why do I even bother?” we may be tempted to say like jesus “i would gather you like a mother hen but you would not have me! curse you on the last day!”, we must resist this temptation.  We must remember the chains of our bondage and how hard it is to believe that anybody who is experienced in something can also be against something, how can a general who’s killed 120 people through various political decisions say he’s against the war or he’s against murder?  But then again, who is better qualified? that’s the irony, the catch 23.  we must ride the horse that we’ve declared to be tainted into the ground because if we simply abandon it, it’ll grow!

There is continual need for discernment (Viveka).  We must each ask ourselves this question, in whatever institution we want to ACTIONABLE rebel against (not just diplomacy, talk, study, reporting, but who knows what) what level of compromise we have to make to be a part of that world, we must maintain Jnana, we must not be in bad faith.  Yet, we have to be, some part of us will simulate some level of sin in order to properly confront sin.  We must have an accurate map of something that is sinful if we are to navigate the people out of the wretched land!


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