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Rebellion or Revolt?

Lets examine the difference in meaning (in words, not reality) between Rebel and Revolt.  Rebel is to slowly, or dialectic-ally, transition to an alternative form of something else through a process of power distribution.  This involves incorporating the previous way of doing things within the new system, in heglian terms this would be thesis anthesis and synthesis.  Thesis is the initial proposition “Everyone is equal” and the antithesis “people have different skills” becomes synthesized in “everyone has equally different skills” .  In terms of replacing the current system, it would mean keeping some of the intiail aspirations of both democracy and community, and explore these old forms of running the world like archaeologists looking deeper to find a key to destroying power.

Perhaps you want to repeat the history of another ‘supposedly better’ form of government that will properly distribute power, or maybe a certain group of characters of people that would of acted or will act differently.  If hope doesn’t rest in another form of government, where lies our answer?That’s for another day.

"at home with the boys"Regardless, some part of a rebel must maintain an element of what it was thrown into.  Revolt means we have to be like the french revolution, where quite literally we must rip out the old way, i.e. gather guns, shut down banks, make a list of the top richest 1500 families in the world and begin.  In the “the story of french“, a book that discusses both the historical, political, cultural, every “al” or element of ofness, of french.  Critical to the revolution was tossing of the Calendar, renaming names of the day vegetables and months strange decibels.  An attempt to apply (at the time MASON) liberal principles of reason to the world only to find the common man unable to accept and the educated unable to discuss/dispute/figure out through discourse a universe NEW way of doing things.  Some things were wonderful, a complete renewal of a measurement system (luckily the METER).  Why do we feel endlessly called to this ancient ways?


One Comment on “Rebellion or Revolt?”

  1. We feel endlessly called to these ancient ways because it’s not good enough yet. Every trekkie knows, we can do better.

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